Wednesday 3 July 2019

Hide and Hammer #03

I purchased 2 of these bags myself at EYF2019, and was not paid to write any of the following. 

Can I just say, I love love love love them!

I love them so much, I went back the next day to buy the second one. The most important thing for me to purchase at Woollinn (yes, I am going to another yarn festival) in June is more of these!

Here are some action shots with 12 skeins of Nua Worsted at various stages of being knitted up into a cardigan.

I can comfortably fit half a dozen 50g cakes of yarn at the bottom, and naturally, you can stack them.

This is how I fill my bag from the bottom up. First, the cakes, then finished pieces, and finally, the piece that is currently being worked at the top.

Due to my love of modular construction and recent discovery of Russian grafting, I especially love all the pockets. I needed a total of at least 6 cables, plus 3 needle sizes and a crochet hook, and a tiny pair of scissors for this cardigan. I could pack them all into 1 bag, and I only have to check the 1 bag for all the things I need.

As a designer, I also love that the other pocket is big enough for a notebook and a pen.

There is obviously room for more stuff, but I just love that the pockets are perfect for me.

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