Friday 5 April 2019

EYF2019 Yarn Update, or I Have Never Bought This Much Yarn In Such Little Time

A bit late, but I have been manically knitting away on my next design, which I hope to release in May. 

The truth is, I did not expect to buy this much at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

I bought way less last year, and with most of the vendors being the same again this year, I thought I would be fine.

I actually needed to purchase extra luggage for the flight home in the end. I am somewhat horrified at myself. I did also bring back the motor for my electric ball winder and some beer for the husbear, but still! I came home last year with 15kg suitcase.

I purchased 12 SQs: 10 for sweaters and 2 for shawls. It came to a total of 3.75kg yarn.

I will briefly talk about each yarn, going clock-wise from top left.

Wishbone Yarn Flax Flower

I purchased this because I love the color, and because it is 10% linen. I'm hoping to design a lightweight top for this yarn while I am in Australia next month.

Myak Cotton-Yak Laceweight

I bought 8 skeins because it is limited edition and I do not know what I want to do with it. My greatest fear is running out of yarn on a project, so I made sure this would not happen.

I am unlikely to design with it because it is a limited edition yarn.

Kettle Yarn Co Beyul Fingering 

Linda gave them to me in exchange for my sample of the Australian Under Wrap. I will be designing with the yarn, and I cannot wait to start working with it.

It is a merino-yak-silk blend, and if I had to choose an all-rounder yarn blend, this would be it.

Lotus Yarns Linen 100

I need a replacement sample piece of my wrap, and originally I was going to use this. I have decided against it, so I will probably destash this.

Stolen Stitches Nua Worsted

Words cannot begin to describe how much I love this yarn. I am already more than half way through this lovely, squishy pile of yarn, for a cardigan design that I hope to release in May.

It makes beautiful fabric, it smells so good and clean, and I literally cannot wait to be able to try on my cardigan.

I highly recommend this yarn, and its fingering weight little sister.

Hey Mama Wolf Sock Yarn

I bought 2 skeins last year that I have not used, but I could not resist buying some more.

There is 20% Ramie in it, which makes it suitable for socks, but I am thinking a lightweight top.

Ysolda Deimos

I purchased this for Anne Hanson's Chevi cardigan pattern. I have loved this design since I saw it the first time, but I never found the right yarn.

I squished this right before my class with Anne at the festival, and clearly it was meant to be.

At the Make Wool event, I dropped by to get @aleongtimetomake another skein, and I just had to grab an extra skein for a shawl for myself too.

Travelknitter Merino Silk 4ply

I decided that I would continue my 'tradition' of purchasing Larissa's EYF special color this year, so 2 skeins came home with me.

The Border Mill Alpaca Rose (see cone on left side of photo)

Honestly, the only reason why I bought this was because it is a blend of rose fibre and alpaca. I have no idea what I am planning to do with it either.

Myak Baby Yak Medium

I plan to design a sweater-coat to be released sometime towards the end of the year.

We travel a fair amount, and I need to replace my winter coat, so I thought this would be perfect.

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