Friday, 5 April 2019

EYF2019 Yarn Update, or I Have Never Bought This Much Yarn In Such Little Time

A bit late, but I have been manically knitting away on my next design, which I hope to release in May. 

The truth is, I did not expect to buy this much at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

I bought way less last year, and with most of the vendors being the same again this year, I thought I would be fine.

I actually needed to purchase extra luggage for the flight home in the end. I am somewhat horrified at myself. I did also bring back the motor for my electric ball winder and some beer for the husbear, but still! I came home last year with 15kg suitcase.

I purchased 12 SQs: 10 for sweaters and 2 for shawls. It came to a total of 3.75kg yarn.

I will briefly talk about each yarn, going clock-wise from top left.

Wishbone Yarn Flax Flower

I purchased this because I love the color, and because it is 10% linen. I'm hoping to design a lightweight top for this yarn while I am in Australia next month.

Myak Cotton-Yak Laceweight

I bought 8 skeins because it is limited edition and I do not know what I want to do with it. My greatest fear is running out of yarn on a project, so I made sure this would not happen.

I am unlikely to design with it because it is a limited edition yarn.

Kettle Yarn Co Beyul Fingering 

Linda gave them to me in exchange for my sample of the Australian Under Wrap. I will be designing with the yarn, and I cannot wait to start working with it.

It is a merino-yak-silk blend, and if I had to choose an all-rounder yarn blend, this would be it.

Lotus Yarns Linen 100

I need a replacement sample piece of my wrap, and originally I was going to use this. I have decided against it, so I will probably destash this.

Stolen Stitches Nua Worsted

Words cannot begin to describe how much I love this yarn. I am already more than half way through this lovely, squishy pile of yarn, for a cardigan design that I hope to release in May.

It makes beautiful fabric, it smells so good and clean, and I literally cannot wait to be able to try on my cardigan.

I highly recommend this yarn, and its fingering weight little sister.

Hey Mama Wolf Sock Yarn

I bought 2 skeins last year that I have not used, but I could not resist buying some more.

There is 20% Ramie in it, which makes it suitable for socks, but I am thinking a lightweight top.

Ysolda Deimos

I purchased this for Anne Hanson's Chevi cardigan pattern. I have loved this design since I saw it the first time, but I never found the right yarn.

I squished this right before my class with Anne at the festival, and clearly it was meant to be.

At the Make Wool event, I dropped by to get @aleongtimetomake another skein, and I just had to grab an extra skein for a shawl for myself too.

Travelknitter Merino Silk 4ply

I decided that I would continue my 'tradition' of purchasing Larissa's EYF special color this year, so 2 skeins came home with me.

The Border Mill Alpaca Rose (see cone on left side of photo)

Honestly, the only reason why I bought this was because it is a blend of rose fibre and alpaca. I have no idea what I am planning to do with it either.

Myak Baby Yak Medium

I plan to design a sweater-coat to be released sometime towards the end of the year.

We travel a fair amount, and I need to replace my winter coat, so I thought this would be perfect.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2019: The Highlights

True to form, I did not take very many photos. There are a couple on my Instagram stories and a few more on my feed, many of them thanks to the lovely friends I have. 

I will be writing separate posts in the next few days about the classes I took as well. 

I started off the festival with the annual trip to up to Arthur's Seat, led by Grace (Babbles Travelling Yarns).

It is such a great way to deal with the jet lag: fresh air and sunshine and Story Time with Grace!

Darcey (@dmawunker) brought her version of my Australian Under Wrap design with her! And she even loaned it to me for the day even though she must have been a wee bit concerned that I would not return it to her. She chose Plucky Knitter cashmere for it, so it felt amazingly luxurious.

Many of you said really nice things to me about my first design, and while I cannot remember all of you by name, I am very grateful.

I arrived at EYF feeling kind of down about how little I had accomplished so far this year, and it means a lot to hear that you like the work I am doing. There will be more patterns coming!

Plus my sample now lives with Kettle Yarn Co., which I am very excited about.

I also bought piles and piles of yarn. Even prior to being medicated for ADHD, I have never bought this much yarn in this little time. I think I bought as much as triple what I bought last year.

With the exception of 2 of those piles, most of them will be for design work, however, and I have already cast on for a new design. In fact, the radio silence is partially due to my crazy plan to finish the pieces for an over-sized and long worsted weight cardigan in 2 weeks. For the record, I am actually doing pretty well, with half the body already complete.

I also talked to a bunch of different tech editors, and I am pretty sure I have found The One. So fingers crossed!