Thursday 14 December 2017

How to Pack Travel Knitting

I started writing this post at the beginning of my move from London to Singapore, almost a month ago now. I am already back in Singapore, but the rest of my stash (and stuff) are in transit for another two months or so. 

Packing knitting for a trip takes me much much more time than packing my clothes.

How on earth am I supposed to predict what I will feel like knitting days or even weeks from now? I know what I SHOULD be working on, of course, but I've tended to find that bringing projects I'm not excited about tends to lead to an absence of knitting.

This post is about packing for general travel (up to 3 weeks), but I will write a bit more about my experiences packing for extended travel next week.

#1 Variety, Variety, Variety 

I like to pack at least 3 kinds of projects, which usually means at least one lace shawl and at least one garment, since that's pretty much all I knit. If I knitted socks, I'd definitely have one of those too.

#2 Think About Your Environment 

I was moving straight into an empty apartment, with the intent to buy lights and furniture as needed, so I didn't worry too much about that this time. But normally, when I travel, I make sure not to pack items that require good light to work on.

So pass on the cobweb yarns and bring on the fingering and up yarns. Stay away from dark colors that are difficult to see.

#3 Bring a Needle set! 

Sometimes you cast something on, and you realise your gauge is off. It's just easier to travel with the whole set.

#4 Bring Some Yarn! 

Just in case you feel like casting on something new, you should bring something new. In #1, I said I usually pack 3 kinds of projects, and usually the third is something new. :)

#5 Buy Some Yarn! 

We all deserve souvenir yarn!