Tuesday 18 April 2017

May Made: Helaine Cardigan

The Making 

My finally finished photo, pre-blocking. 

I made my first cardigan, and just in time for spring too!

It was a test knit from Laura Patterson, and as usual, you can find the pattern on Ravelry: Helaine

The knitting itself was pretty straightforward, and suitable for an adventurous beginner. If you're a mad lace knitter like me, then this would be a nice break from more intricate lace. 

One of my favorite design elements on this piece. The little ridges are formed by knitting a garter ridge at the point where you fold the hem over. 

I have done folded hems on the knitting machine, but this is the first one I've done by hand. Next time, I might try sewing it shut rather than knitting it together. 

The other modification I did was to use a three-needle bind-off across the shoulder seams. I don't mind seaming, but binding off and then seaming uses more yarn than a three-needle and I was afraid that I was running short on yarn. 

Photo from Posh Dee who takes much much better photos than I do. 

I used a merino-yak-silk DK from my much-loved Posh Yarn, called Be My Shelter From the Storm, and I used the best part of two skeins. It's one of those multi-colored greys that has bits of lilac and turquoise, and looks much nicer in person. 

It is heavier and less drapey than the original called for yarn, which is pure tencel, but still next-to-skin worthy. 

I'm thinking of making this again, but I might modify this pattern to be knit in the round and then steeked. Plus, I might use a different method to pick up stitches. 

My Ravelry project for those who are so inclined. 

The Wearing 

Slightly awkward pose with bad hair. Just outside the Wellcome Collection, London. Photo by Husbear. 

I'm wearing a black jersey tube dress underneath, but I think it would actually look better over a long-sleeved dress or top. I have not mastered the art of taking a selfie, or I would post a picture of that too. 

Still outside the Wellcome Collection. This is probably my favorite shot of the ones we took. It was too cold to take very many of them. 

I love how it looks from the back more, but I would blame that on the fact that my finishing skills are not up to par, and there's less of that from the back. 

I actually forgot how much I like little cropped cardis. When you buy off the rack, and you're petite, cropped things become regular things. Another reason why I'm making more of my own clothes. 

I already have another one on the list to be made: Andi Satterlund's Blaster, but if you have any other suggestions, please let me know! :) 

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