Wednesday 6 March 2019

Sample Knitters Wanted

I am looking to hire sample knitters on a project basis. I have a steady stream of patterns that I will be ready to start sending out from mid-April.

  • Have a Ravelry page or Instagram that shows your previous projects. 
  • Experience with sock knitting and general experience with projects that suffer a lot of wear and tear. (I generally design for a relatively tight gauge.) 
  • Experience with plant fibre yarns (blends and not). 
  • Experience with laceweight-to-sportweight yarns. (These are typically what I design for.) 
  • Experience with sample or test knitting preferred. 
  • Own a scale.
Common Themes in upcoming Mathemaknitter patterns: 
  • Lots of stockinette and garter stitch. 
  • No finishing work required. (If there is any, I prefer to do that myself.) 
  • Modular construction. (I am happy to split projects amongst multiple knitters.) 
  • Mostly garments. 
  • Mostly laceweight, light fingering, and fingering. 
  • Mostly larger projects. I rarely knit anything less than 800-900 metres and so far, have not designed any either. 
  • Minimum: SGD0.22 (approximately EUR0.143 or USD0.162) per meter. 
  • Meterage is calculated by weight of item in grams multiplied by the meters per gram as per yarn label. 
  • I will pay for swatches also, and expect that you show me a photo of your swatch before we proceed with the project. 
  • Rates go up based on weight of yarn (cobweb-to-sportweight will be more) and complexity of fabric. If I ask you for finishing work, such as seaming, I will pay you hourly, separate from knitting the fabric. 
  • Unless I tell you in advance, usually I will be happy for you to keep the remainders. 
  • Copy of pattern via Ravelry if self-published. 
  • If you are knitting multiple pieces of fabric for 1 project, I will pay you every 2 pieces. This means that if you are knitting 4 pieces for me, plus some finishing work, I will pay you for the first 2 pieces, next 2 pieces, then finishing work, and finally, shipping costs. 
  • If you are knitting a single, very large item, I will pay every 300m. 
Other Logistical Details:
  • Except under unusual circumstances, I will ship or drop-ship the yarn to you. 
  • I will pay for shipping back to me. 
If you are interested, please email me with the following things: 
  • Link to Instagram or Ravelry. Both is better. You are not required nor expected to have many followers, as this is simply for me to get an idea of your skill level. 
  • State your favorite kinds of fabric to knit, e.g. stockinette, lace, brioche, colorwork. 
  • State your favorite fibers to work with. (This is just for my reference, in case the right project comes up. It does not have an impact on whether I will ask you to knit for me.)
  • State how much time you generally get to knit each week. 
  • State your location. 
If selected, I will ask you to send me 2 swatches of stockinette in the same yarn but different gauge, before proceeding. I will pay for the swatches at the rate of SGD0.22 (approximately EUR0.143 or USD0.162) per meter and cover the cost of shipping. You are welcome to send me swatches from previous projects if you have 2 in the same yarn.

(I will be at Edinburgh Yarn Festival in 2 weeks, and I would be happy to meet you there for you to show me your swatches, if you like.) 

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