Friday 26 May 2017

A Shortcut to the Perfect Dress

I have had a lot of trouble finding patterns for dresses that felt like me, and the ones I did like were often made out of fabrics I didn't want to care for.

(Ironing. I don't do it. I only purchased my first ever iron after deciding that I would take up sewing.)

A lot of popular sewing designs that are simple to make are also loose around the waist, which is a style I particularly dislike to wear. I feel big and heavy in them no matter what, and I generally prefer my clothes to be cut close to my body.

Most of the things I did like were impractical for me to make and imperfect for my wardrobe.

The perfect dress would allow me to ride my bike, be a simple backdrop to my hand knits, and have a fairly fitted silhouette.

I just felt stuck. I hated the thought that the first few things weren't going to be things I LOVED.

I didn't expect them to be perfect, but I did expect them to be better than stuff I bought.

I looked up a bunch of sewing classes, and wrote some emails to a couple of places, asking if they would be willing to help.

But it was actually when my beautiful coat's lining was torn that I found the perfect person.

We talked, and she drew up some sketches and made some toiles. She did all the drafting, and she's now coaching me through making the first pieces.

I'll write more about my perfect dresses soon. I'm finding that I'm actually struggling to write as much as I thought I would when I purchased the domain name.

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