Tuesday 28 March 2017

This is a Blog about Making Fewer Decisions on What to Wear

I hate getting up each morning and having to decide what to wear. And I hate going shopping for clothes made out of terrible materials even more.

I have tried pre-planning my wardrobe for the week, but I find that it makes me obsess over all sorts of pointless little details.

I have decided to short circuit all of that by making myself a uniform. Something that I can always wear, that I can dress up and down easily, is comfortable and feels like me.

I will be writing more on how I am making efforts to pare down and toss or donate items that I no longer wear, as well as the making of my uniform and accessories.

1 comment:

  1. I like this idea. I have been seeing your comments on Ravelry as starfishwife (I am dnaknitter there) and followed the links to this. So, my take on wardrobe simplification has been to do a few things: 1) wear only black or grey pants, 2) wear only a few simple types of shirts (a couple of t-shirt styles, a couple of button-front styles, a couple of sweater styles), and when I find one I like, buy it in several colors including black and white, and 3) deliberately choose, when possible, items that can be washed and dried quickly (as in, hang up to dry overnight in a hotel room when traveling). So far it's not quite as simple and decision-free as I'd like, but it's getting there. I envy the way Steve Jobs apparently dressed--jeans and black mock-necks every day--but I love color so I'm not quite ready to go that far!

    I'll keep watching for you on Ravelry. I noticed your username because it reminded me of a book I had read about the Selkie legends, in which fishermen took "seal wives" or "sea wives." Is there an interesting story behind starfishwife?